Gogol Bordello hanno pubblicato Fire on Ice Floe, nuovo estratto dal nuovo album Solidaritine, uscito ieri 16 settembre 2022 per Casa Gogol / Cooking Vinyl. 



1. Shot of Solidaritine
2. Focus Coin
3. Blueprint (Fugazi cover)
4. The Era of the End of Eras (feat. HR)
5. I’m Coming Out
6. Knack For Life
7. The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant
8. Take Only What You Can Carry (feat. Kazka)
9. My Imaginary Son
10. Forces of Victory (feat. Serhiy Zhadan and Kazka)
11. Fire On Ice Floe
12. Gut Guidance
13. Huckleberry Generationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFsHiQcx4k



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