Johnny Depp nasceva 57 anni fa il 9 giugno del 1963. Proprio nel giorno del suo compleanno pubblica un post su instagram dove canta e suona alla chitarra il brano di Bob DylanThe Times They Are A Changin’“, scrivendo:

“Una canzone di protesta per eccellenza, un brano perfetto per il momento che viviamo, e si adatta al Covid-19 e all’immagine di George Floyd che per sempre ci resteranno in mente…”

Anche il chitarrista degli Hollywood Vampires prende posizione sulle proteste che stanno infiammando gli Stati Uniti e il resto del mondo dopo la morte di George Floyd.

E lo fa cantando il brano di protesta per eccellenza, che Dylan scrisse nel 1963, due mesi prima dell’omicidio di John Kennedy e che divenne un simbolo dell’epoca:

“Dylan scrisse la piùnota delle canzoni di protesta, la piùsignificativa, sbalorditiva, incredibilmente poetica e profetica ‘The Times They Are A-Changin'”. La canzone di Dylan si adatta al Covid-19 e all’immagine di George Floyd che per sempre ci resteranno in mente… Per me si adatta al momento in cui ci troviamo, si applica al momento in cui erano nel 1963, si applica a tutto che è stato prima e tutto ciò che sarà …”



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Two months before the world was subjected to the shocking live coverage of the merciless, bloodthirsty and public daylight murder of JFK in Nov. 1963, Bob Dylan sat down to write a song”… He had a particular idea in mind, which he recorded mere weeks before Kennedy’s tragic Assassination. Dylan had already achieved stratospheric acclaim from his treasure-producing workmanship and poetic abilities. He had already jacked up the bar of songwriting to an untouchable level. He also became a reluctant prophet, which can be quite an occupational hazard”…Yet he remained himself while dodging all manner of con artists, bloodsuckers, angles, arrows, ignorance, injustices, and scrutinization of his life. His intentions remained pure. So he sat down and wrote the gold standard of protest songs, the seminal and most significant, mind boggling and staggeringly poetic, prophetic protest song the world will ever know: “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. Dylan’s song applies to Covid-19, it also, very strongly applies to the life altering image of George Floyd, forever seared to our brains”… For me, it applies to the moment we are in, it applies to the moment they were in in 1963, it applies to everything before and everything since and everything that will be. I chose to perform this song live, for my friend @drbarbarasturm Covid benefit several weeks ago”… I didn’t really know how to play it, but I figured I’d give it a shot, as it seemed to apply so well. And it applies now, more than ever. It was performed a couple of weeks before our collective paralysis was rendered complete by the images of our fellow human George Floyd being cruelly and brutally tortured to death on live TV. Let us take a moment to remember the sacrificial hero George Floyd and look with hope towards the changes that his tragic death will cause. And let’s salute the reluctant prophet Bob Dylan and the dream of change he inspired then, now, and onwards”… His impact is that of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Hunter Thompson, Marlon Brando, Woody Guthrie, William Blake, Picasso, Bach and Mozart. Dylan’s song is to be kept near you, AT ALL TIMES!!! All love and respect, JD

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