I KATATONIA hanno salutato i fan confermando di essere in studio per registrare il nuovo album.

La band ha condiviso una foto con Jonas Renkse insiema al noto produttore danese Jacob Hansen che ha lavorato con ABORTEDDESTRUCTIONVOLBEAT.

As we’re moving into the holidays and 2019 is about to close its chapter, we’d like to extend a thanks to everyone who supported us this year! On the live front, we saw the night come down over several cities as NITND celebrated its 10th anniversary. Another dear experience! Oh and for the record, that’s now our 4th album that we’ve played from start to finish, not bad right?

However, 2020 is the threshold to a new decade and will see us keepin’ busy for other reasons than paying tribute to our past. Actually, here’s a pic to give you a clue about what’s waiting on the other side… Will we see you there?

La band sarà in tour per alcune date sempre nel 2020, ma, al momento ancora nessun concerto è fissato in Italia.


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