Il bassista dei Mà–TLEY CRàœE e dei SIXX: A.M., Nikki Sixx, ha scritto che sta lavorando sul suo nuovo libro, agli L.A. RATS, il supergruppo con Rob Zombie, John 5 e Tommy Clufetos,  e sta finendo il nuovo disco dei SIXX:A.M:. Non manca un accenno al tour del 2022 dei Crue:

Heading back to Wyoming.
Got a lot of work done on the new book,La Rats,a new creative endeavor I am about to embark on and seeing family.Finishing up new Sixx:A.M. with james and DJ now and next time you see me I’ll be fly fishing on the Snake river …THIS is gonna be a great summer with so much opening up but I really look forward to the Stadium tour NEXT summer…Been a minute since I’ve been onstage……



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