I THE DEAD DAISIES hanno pubblicato “Radiance”, che sarà presente sul nuovo album in uscita ad agosto. La band suonerà il 2 Luglio 2022 a Milano


Il comunicato della band:

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some awesome news and really excited to bring you our new single, ‘Radiance’ off the upcoming album!

Hope you’re gonna love ‘Radiance’ with its thunderous opening, it really sets the scene on this heavy rock extravaganza. You’ll dig the riff with its deep 70’s vibe, born in the industrious heartland of England. Glenn’s power house vocal, towers above the musical storm of the duelling guitars of Doug and David and the earthshaking drums of Brian Tichy.

This is going to rock LIVE!

“Well new music out… we have a very unique and interesting song here called ‘Radiance’. Different than we have written before….It’s the first off our next album so crank it up!” – Doug Aldrich


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