Unleashed – Secondo singolo e lyric video on line: ‘The Hunt for White Christ’


Arriva il secondo attacco del nuovo album di UNLEASHED. È la title track di ‘The Hunt for White Christ’, che uscirà il 26 ottobre tramite Napalm Records! 


1 Lead Us Into War
2 You Will Fall
3 Stand Your Ground
4 Gram
5 Terror Christ
6 They Rape The Land
7 The City Of Jorsala Shall Fall
8 The Hunt For White Christ
9 Vidaurgelmthul
10 By The Western Wall
11 Open To All The World

4 Page Digipack
1 LP Gatefold BLACK
Digital Album
Deluxe Box: 4 Page Digipack, Thor Hammer Logo Pendant, Album Cover Flag & woven cut out Thorhammer/Logo arm patch & band photo card
1 LP Gatefold GOLD (100 copies)
1 LP Gatefold ICE BLUE (2000 copies)
Digipack & Album cover shirt bundle (US Webstore Only)
1 LP Gatefold BLACK & cover shirt bundle (US & World Webstore)

Johnny Hedlund: Bass, Vocals
Tomas Måsgard: Guitar
Fredrik Folkare: Guitar
Anders Schultz: Drums

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