I SICK OF IT ALL hanno comunicato che con un videomessaggio che il chitarrista Pete Koller salterà il tour europeo in quanto dovrà essere operato per un’ernia.

 Al suo posto suonerà Craig Silverman degli AGNOSTIC FRONT.

 Sick of it All, Comeback Kid e Spaced saranno l’08 agosto 2022 al Circolo Magnolia di Segrate. Informazioni qui

VWe have some unfortunate news. Pete can not make the up coming tour which starts next week. He was trying to see if he could get his surgery for a hernia after the tour but the doctors said it would worsen his condition. So with a heavy heart he has to cancel but he didn’t want us to disappoint all the people that were counting and relying on us to suffer especially the fans. So he suggested we go on the tour with the help from Craig Silverman @craig_aint_like_you. From Agnostic Front. This was not an easy decision. This is the first time we will ever be playing with out Pete. But he didn’t want us to let down all our fans who have brought tickets already. Thanks to Craig Silverman for stepping up and helping us out. Ans please let’s all wish Pete a speedy recovery. We hope you all come out and get loud with us!!

La data italiana è prevista per l’8 agosto 2022 al Magnolia di Segrate.


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