I folk metaller norvegesi TROLLFEST hanno pubblicato il nuovo singolo “All Drinks On Me” con Jonne Järvelä (KORPIKLAANI) tratto dal nuovo album ‘Flamingo Overlord’ in uscita il prossimo 27 maggio tramite Napalm Records.


Bottoms up! Flamingo Overlords TROLLFEST buy a round of drinks for everyone just days shy of the release of their new album, Flamingo Overlord, dropping this Friday via Napalm Records! “All Drinks on Me” is a raucous party anthem in the vein of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys that only TROLLFEST could deliver, arriving in perfect time to celebrate the album’s release – featuring special guest Jonne Järvelä of the infamous KORPIKLAANI! No matter where TROLLFEST pop up, a whole lot of fun is bound to occur – Flamingo Overlord is one of the craziest, most eccentric, and multi-faceted releases of the year!

TROLLFEST Singer Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik says:
„‘All Drinks On Me‘ is a party song to go along with those wonderful great parties that become the talk of the town once they go down. With the highest possible singalong factor this tune is guaranteed to make you stomp your foot and sing yourself hoarse while sharing the best of times with your finest friends.“


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