Mike Terrana è un super batterista che ha collaborato con tantissime band e musicisti di incredibile valore, incredibile valore come il suo. Dalla fine degli anni ’80 è uno dei drummer più richiesti sul mercato unendosi a virtuosi del calibro di  Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine, Steve Lukather e altri.

Mike Terrana nasce a Buffalo, stato di New York, il 21 gennaio del 1960. Oggi sono 60 anni, quindi. La sua discografia è infinita…



Terrana solo CDs
Shadows of the Past (1998)
Man of the World (2005)
Sinfonica (2011)

Into the Eye of the Storm (1996)
Phoenix Rising (1997)
Sacred Pathways (2001)
New Discovery (2002)
Future World (2004)

Axel Rudi Pell
The Ballads II (1999)
The Wizard’s Chosen Few (2000)
The Masquerade Ball (2000)
Shadow Zone (2002)
Knights Live (2002)
Kings and Queens (2004)
The Ballads III (2004)
Mystica (2006)
Diamonds Unlocked (2007)
Tales of the Crown (2008)
The Best of Axel Rudi Pell: Anniversary Edition (2009)
The Crest (2010)
The Ballads IV (2011)
Circle of the Oath (2012)

El Ángel Caído 2017 (2017)
Hacia La Luz – Directo desde Madrid (2018)
El secreto (2019)
The Secret (2019)

Beau Nasty
Dirty But Well Dressed (1989)

Ferdy Doernberg
Storytellers Rain (2001)
Till I Run Out Of Road (2004)

A Relative Coexistence (2008)

Self-Inflicted (2001)

Emir Hot
Sevdah Metal (2008)

Chasing Shadows (2007)

Jean Fontanille
Unknown Parameter Value (2008)

Roland Grapow
Kaleidoscope (1999)

Tales Of Ithiria (2008)

Hanover Fist
Hungry Eyes (1985)

Tony Hernando
The Shades Of Truth (2002)
Ill (2005)
TH III-Live! CD/DVD (2006)
Actual Events (2009)

Looking For Action (1988)

Kiko Loureiro
No Gravity (2005)
Fullblast (2009)

Marco Iacobini
The Sky There’ll Always Be (2013)

Tony MacAlpine
Freedom To Fly (1992)
Evolution (1995)
Violent Machine (1996)
Live Insanity (1997)

Yngwie Malmsteen
The Seventh Sign (1993)
I Can’t Wait (1994)
Best Of (2000)
Archive Box (2001)

MK II (2007)
Time To Be King (2010)

Millennium Metal – Chapter One (1999)

Deadringer (2007)

Welcome to the Other Side (2001)
Best of – All G.U.N. Years (2001)
Unity (2002)
Soundchaser (2003)
From The Cradle To The Stage (2004)
Speak of the Dead (2006)
Full Moon In St. Petersburg (2007)

Vision Divine
When All The Heroes Are Dead (2019)

Savage Circus
Of Doom and Death (2009)

Damir Simic
The Quest (1998)
Live In Zagreb (2002)
Demomstratus (2004)

Stuart Smith
Heaven & Earth (1998)

Made For Eternity (2000)
Under The Cross (2002)

Taboo Voodoo
Somethin’s Cookin’ (2003)

Tarja Turunen
What Lies Beneath (2010)
Act I: Live in Rosario (2012)
Colours in the Dark (2013)
Beauty and the Beat (2014)
Luna Park Ride (2015)
The Shadow Self (2016)

The Dogma
Black Roses (2006)

Tracy G
Deviating From The Set List (2003)

John West
Mind Journey (1997)

Zillion (2004)

Theodore Ziras
Superhuman (2008)

Kee Marcello
Judas Kiss (2013)

The Ferrymen
The Ferrymen (2017)
A New Evil (2019)


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