David Lee Roth ha pubblicato una nuova canzone da solista intitolata “Nothing Could Have Stoppped Us Back Then Anyway“.

La canzone è dedicata ai Van Halen. Nel video di YouTube che accompagna la canzone infatti vi è una foto della band.

David Lee Roth, ex cantante dei Van Halen, aveva pubblicato una nuova canzone intitolata “Pointing At The Moon“ alcune settimane fa.

Il testo:

We laughed, we cried, we threw the television off that balcony
That memory means so much to me

No doubt in me, I do believe that no one listens to both sides except the neighbors
Fine art of compromise, happy losing half of mine ‘cuz she’ll lose her half later

First taste of being victim of the very songs I sing
Ended up with “say goodbye” and “I hope I hear good things”

Walk away
Walk away

Nothing could have stopped us back then anyway

Remember when you safety pinned the tablecloth to my pantsAnd I stood up to the sound of dancing and the sound of our romance beginningKicked out the restaurant to make the night completeSix pack and a happy meal on a park bench down the street

Dinner with Tennessee’s elite

“Once upon a time” is how a fairy tale sells it
“Sit down you won’t believe this shit” is how the trucker tells it
Strike up the band, hire the piper we will pay

Nothing could have stopped us back then anyway 




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