FLOGGING MOLLY hanno pubblicato il video live di “The Croppy Boy ’98” dal nuovo album “Anthem” in uscita il 9 settembre..


 La band sarà  in Italia ad agosto al Bay Fest.

Il comunicato della band:

Legendary Celtic punk band Flogging Molly have announced a new album titled, Anthem, set to release September 9th. The album with include the band’s latest release, “These Times Have Got Me Drinking” and a brand new single released today titled, “The Croppy Boy ’98”.

“With this record we went back to the basics in a way that I don’t think we could have done if we hadn’t been playing together for over 20 years,” says singer/guitar player Dave King. “I think going back to Chicago and doing this record with Steve made the experience so fun and I really believe you can hear that on the record. For Flogging Molly, getting together and playing new songs is always the goal—and now we’re just getting excited to start playing these songs live and giving our fans a whole new era of Flogging Molly.”

Listen to the new single and pre-order Anthem vinyl and other album merch below.


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