James Christian, voce degli House of Lords, pubblicherà  il suo album solsita, ‘Craving’ il prossimo 20 aprile via Frontiers Music Srl. Come anticipazione a questo lavoro è possibile ascoltare l’audio del brano ‘Jesus Wept’.

“Craving” track listing:
01. Heaven Is A Place In Hell
02. Wild Boys
03. Craving
04. Jesus Wept
05. World Of Possibility
06. Sidewinder
07. I Won’t Cry
08. If There’s A God
09. Love Is The Answer
10. Black Wasn’t Black
11. Amen

Recording credits:
* James Christian: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
* Billy Seidman: Additional Acoustic Guitars
* Tommy Denander: Guitars, Bass, Keys (“Wild Boys”, “Love Is The Answer”, “Sidewinder”, “I Won’t Cry”)
* Jimi Bell: Guitars (“Black Wasn’t Black”)
* Pete Alpenborg: Guitars, Bass (“Jesus Wept”)
* Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards (“Jesus Wept”)
* Clif Magness: All instruments (“Craving”)
* Josh Freese: Drums (“Craving”)


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