Robb Flynn e Jared MacEachern dei Machine Head hanno tenuto un concerto di Capodanno intitolato ‘Electric Happy Hour’, durante il quale hanno suonato i classici della band e le cover dei Temple of the Dog  “Hunger Strike” e dei Metallica “Nothing Else Matters“.

3:31 Take My Scars
8:11 Ten Ton Hammer
12:54 From This Day
17:11 Killers & Kings
23:13 Catharsis
29:24 Beautiful Mourning
37:47 Hunger Strike
41:48 Now We Die
49:02 Davidian
54:32 Crashing Around You
57:57 The Trooper (Snippet)
59:48 Happy New Year countdown for Europe!
1:01:57 Aesthetics Of Hate
1:08:19 Old
1:17:27 I Am Hell (Sonata In C#)
1:25:57 Be Still And Know
1:35:25 Nothing Else Matters
1:42:50 Locust
1:50:56 Halo
1:59:48 Happy New Year countdown for the UK/US!
2:01:28 Imperium


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