L’ex-chitarrista dei Guns N’ Roses e attuale membro dei Sons Of ApolloRon “Bumblefoot” Thal, ha pubblicato una nuova canzone strumentale chiamata ‘Planetary Lockdown’, dedicata al lockdown causato dalla pandemia, con la descrizione:

It was early March 2020, on tour with Sons Of Apollo in Europe, as the COVID-19 coronavirus numbers were quickly escalating. We made it through 4 shows of our 20-show European tour before we had to pull the plug, leave half our gear in storage and urgently head for home. It was a race to get back as the door was slamming shut behind us. Europe was shut down. And within days, the world. This song was inspired by that feeling of urgency, that race… completed while in self-isolation, the song was fittingly titled ‘Planetary Lockdown’.

This too shall pass. Wishing you all to be safe and healthy. 🙂


*No guitar parts were sped up or unnaturally edited – solos were played in real-time, using a Line6 Helix pitch-delay effect.



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